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Geriatric Nurse, Cambridge

I am looking for a live-in carer to help look after my mother, who is 94 years old. She is Greek but has lived in the UK for 70 years. She lives in her own home in a small village 15km. outside Cambridge. She has advanced dementia, but is still mobile, with supervision and support, and mostly continent. Her communication skills are now limited but she can be responsive to both Greek and English. I would share my mother's care on some days and other non-live-in carers can be arranged to provide support and respite for the live-in carer. The carer must have personal or professional experience of someone living with advanced dementia. She must be fluent in English and must be able to drive a manual car. (The car would also be available for personal use). She must be in good health (preferably a non-smoker), energetic and willing to be attentive and creative in ensuring my mother has a stimulating environment.


Geriatric Nurse

Pay rate:

2500€ / month

Employment type:

Live in





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