Babysitter for 6 month old baby in Ano Glyfada

Hello, I am looking for a preferably bilingual babysitter with previous experience with younger kids and infants for my 6 month old baby 3 times a week for 5-6 hours at a time. We are flexible with schedule, could be done in the afternoon/around lunchtime or a bit later during the day. Father is a remote worker and mother remote university student so we will likely be at home during most of the time, no other responsibilities are required aside from fully taking care of the infant. The mother is half-Greek and speaks conversational Greek, father speaks English only.

If preferred, the baby can be left to stay at the babysitter’s house if she lives relatively close to the area once we are more familiar with her. We’re looking for longer term care. There is a small Pomeranian puppy at home but she’s usually taken care of by us and if we’re out we take her with us so the sitter won’t have to be responsible for tending to it. Pay can be negotiated relative to your experience and usual rates.

Age of children:

7 months old

Part time employment

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Every week for 3 days with afternoon schedule

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