Babysitter needed for Mykonos

I am looking for a babysitter to help me with my twins (one boy, one girl) who are 15 months old. I also have a son who is almost 3 years old but I have another full time baby sitter for him. I am considering to hire an additional babysitter to help with the twins for the next year whilst they are very active and you also will have help from myself (I work part time from home so I am always around) .

The job is to look after the children, making bottles, playing with them, bathing one of them and putting one of them to bed (the night time babysitter will bath and put the other one to bed). No cleaning or laundry is required except for washing bottles when you have time.

You will need to prepare breakfast for the children and occasionally dinner (they eat simple dinners of soups, pasta, omelette etc).

I am English and my husband is Greek. I do not speak Greek so it is important that you can communicate in English (I'm happy for you to speak Greek to the children though). We live year round in Mykonos.

Hours of work are 7:45am - approximately 8pm (until the babies have been put to bed) with a 2 hour break during the day 6 days per week. You will also be required to sleep with the babies one night per week when the night babysitter has her day off but the following day you will have a break 8am -1pm to rest.

You must know how to swim as we have a swimming pool and my children like to swim every day during the summer.

The job can be live-in or live-out (if you already have accommodation on the island). This is a permanent job all year round.

Age of children:

1 years old

Full time employment

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