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Babysitter for 2 children, Santa Ana

I am looking for a Live In Nanny for 2 children 5, 2 years old. The services I need are carefully watching our children, Creative Play at home, Vacation childcare, Childcare, Creative play, Play & learn a language (Greek), Household Help just for the kids , Cooking/Meal preparation for the kids (Likely reheating the food that i have made for the kids), Housekeeping related to the kids only. We are looking for a live in. Live in would have their own space or apartment depending on which city we were in. We have two homes one in California near the beach and one in Idaho. The ideal candidate would be able to swim, go to the beach, hike, bike and participate in other family activities.

Age of children:

5 years old , 1 years old

35€ / hour
Live in
Santa Ana

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