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Nanny/Housekeeper for a family with three boys aged 10, 7 & 2 yrs, London

Live Nanny(/Housekeeper/Driver) for a family with 3 boys in London NW7
Experienced, reliable, loving, organised, fast/capable of multitasking, strong worth ethic nanny, confident driver, for a full time in-house role in London, NW7, to care for the family’s children 3 boys aged 10, 7, and 2 years, and their household (basic housekeeping).
(Golf or BMW3 car available for the nanny to drive including for her private time)

7:00 to 10:00; and 14:00 (or 15:00) to 20:00
Occasional (pre-agreed) babysitting, but no obligation.
Evening/Night babysitting:
Two nights babysitting per week if necessary (this is necessary rarely).

- Care of the 2yr old (engaging with him and taking care of his development, deciding and preparing his food, feeding, taking care of his safety & wellbeing, taking to part time nursery, bathing, putting to sleep); Child is at nursery daily from 9am-4pm
- Cooking for the children and helping them with breakfast; making sure for a health and balanced diet
- Making sure the boys do their homework. Help them with reading and online educational games/Encourage them to do additional training exercises
- Making sure the right clothes /books are taken to school each day based on school schedule and changes communicated by each school. Be on top of other school related admin
- Bath the 2yr old and making sure the boys shower /brush teeth
- Do the family laundry and fold and put in wardrobe/drawers
- Ironing (only very limited amount of clothes; the rest are fine to be only folded)
- Daily light tidying up; kitchen to be clean end of day
- School droppings and pick ups:
o for the 2yr old & the 7yr old
o The 10yr old (who goes to school in central London) is dropped by Mum and picked by a driver
- Nanny may arrange for online shopping via online app (or send parents the shopping list)

- Nanny needs to be a capable, reliable, loving and caring for the children especially the 2yr old, experienced with small children and their development, calm, fast/capable of multitasking, clean and tidy, good & healthy food cook (for the children), good user of basic apps on iphone (for communication with parents, schools and shops); Fluent in English; confident driver (in London).

-Strong references necessary.

- Accommodation:
o The current family home has one small ground floor room for the nanny with double bed, good size wardrobe, and a bathroom of mainly own use.
(the family sleeps on the 1st floor where there are two bathrooms). (Guests -if any- use the same bathroom with the nanny.)
- Mum works long hours and travels (usually in Europe) once or twice a month for 2-3 days at a time.
- Dad works in central London hospital, finishes work latest 6pm and does not travel.
- Both parents are Greek and the children are fully bi-lingual.

- 250 to 300 GBP per week (depending on skills and experience).
- 20 days holidays at times that suit the family (during August and Christmas / Easter)
- Nanny to travel to Greece in July for holidays

Age of children:

9 years old , 7 years old , 2 years old

1300€ / month
Full time employment


Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
06:00-09:00 tick tick tick tick tick
15:00-18:00 tick tick tick tick tick
18:00-21:00 tick tick tick tick tick

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