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Babysitter one child, 2 years old, Palaio Faliro

Hello! We are looking for someone to watch our 17 month old daughter while we get out for a date night. The hope is that we will get her to bed before we leave, so ideally she'll be asleep the whole time. She usually doesn't go to bed until after 8 usually, so if she doesn't go to sleep while we are home she may be up for 45 minutes to an hour of the time before needing to be put to bed. She may cry for a few minutes when put down, but she usually falls asleep within a few minutes. Once she is asleep, the babysitter is welcome to relax, watch TV, read, and just be there in case she needs someone!

Age of children:

2 years old

12€ / hour
One time
Palaio Faliro


From: 24 October 2019 Time: 07:30
From: 24 October 2019 Time: 10:30

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