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Baby nurse to help in the afternoons

Hello, we are family half Greek and half not who are staying for 1 month in Patra.
We are looking for a babysitter/baby nurse to help us out in the afternoons with taking care of our 3 month old baby boy - Chris.
The reason is because I want to be out doing sports and my wife will need to be working in the afternoons. So we are looking for someone who can come to our house stay with the baby (and his grandmother) to watch him, feed him, take him for a walk in the stroller, put him to sleep, change diapers, help with some small cleaning etc.
We are looking for someone who can come approximately 5 days per week for a 4-5 hours in the afternoons.

Age of children:

4 months old

Baby Nurse
One time


From: 2 May 2022 Time: 13:30
From: 28 May 2022 Time: 18:30

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