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Baby Nurse one child, 1 years old, Halandri

Hello. We just moved to Athens. We have a 3-years old daughter, who is in Kindergarten. And a 1 year old boy, for whom we are searching someone to take care of. We come from Germany and have an educational style, where we try to raise independent children. Like Montessori-Style. Give them the possibilty to discover the world by them own. We dont like educational programms for children, as this is feels very contradictorily to developing a free personality. Don't pet them, let them discover the world!
Our boy is a very social and superfriendly being, who is capable of walking, using the potty and climbing at the playground on himself without falling down. And he blue eyes and a charming smile, which is impressive.
So we are looking for a Baby Nurse for one child (1 years old). The services we need are Infant care and Creative Play at home for part time employment, sometimes Babysitting. We like the nurse to speak Greek with him. It would be very beneficial if you have any experiences connected to Waldorf- or Montessori-Education.
(PLUS: We don't know the greek baby-care system yet. Do you come to our flat? Or do we bring the child to your house? We'll find out. Same goes with the payment-fees, we can arrange something which works well for both sides.)


Baby Nurse

Age of children:

1 years old

Pay rate:

7€ / hour

Employment type:

Part time employment






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09:00-12:00 tick tick tick
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