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Privacy policy/Protection of personal data

1.     The use of the webpage is made on the exclusive responsibility of the visitor – user . The following terms of protection of personal data policy refer to the use of the webpage by a simple visitor as well as by a registered user. Use and registration in our webpage entails unconditional acceptance, consent, approval and agreement by the visitor – user to the terms of use and the protection of personal data policy that we follow, as formed from time to time at our discretion. In case you do not accept them unconditionally and fully and in their entirety, you shall not proceed to any use of the webpage and of any of its services or its content and you shall immediately exit from this webpage.

2.     The present Policy/Protection of Personal Data is valid solely for the webpage The users – visitors shall take in consideration that our webpage may contain links also to other web sites; however, is not liable for the practice and the terms of policy for the protection of personal data or the content of these web sites and consequently the users – visitors enter on their exclusive responsibility.

3. may at any time amend the terms of use, the protection of personal data policy and all the provisions included therein at our absolute discretion and without justification, by publishing their amended edition in our webpage. The users – visitors shall always check for eventual amendments and, if they continue to use and do not immediately exit the webpage, it is irrefutably presumed that they unconditionally accept the amended terms and conditions and grant their consent, agreement and approval. Otherwise, they shall refrain from using – visiting our website and from using the services offered and they shall refrain from having any access to the webpage and to its content. The amended edition shall be valid from the time of its upload to the webpage without any other action being necessary as a precondition of validity. 

4.     The protection of the personal data of the user - visitor who visits and any kind of service provided by are subject to the terms of the present and to any provisions of any National applicable law from time to time, even if not explicitly referred to in the present (Relevant Laws for the protection of the individual and the protection of the personal data and other provisions in force). may register and automatically collect, indicatively and not restrictively the following categories of information during the visit of the visitor – user in our webpage: (1) IP addresses, (2) servers, (3) kind of computers that have access to our webpage, (4) kind of browsers used for the access to our webpage, (5) stated source or URL which eventually  directed the user to our webpage and (6) the sites and information to which you had access in our webpage. These data help us to understand the visiting rate of our website, to identify problems of the server, to manage our website and to adjust and to improve the information and services. In order to provide our services to our visitor – user it might be requested by him/her to give to certain information, which personally qualify him/her, namely certain personal data that indicatively and not restrictively include: name, contact details, such as address, telephone number and e-mail address, demographic data, postal code, gender and date of birth, personal need to search the provision of services fitting to the user’s criteria and any information and contact that the user provides through e-mail or letter to  Despite the bona fide effort of for the storage of personal data to a safely operational environment, which is not open to public, we explicitly declare to all users -  visitors by the present that it is not possible to warrant the full or perfect safety to the preservation of this information, and does not guarantee or promise or undertakes the responsibility to assure that there will not be unintended disclosure of personal data or non intentional and illegal access to such data by third parties, and consequently shall not be held liable accordingly. The user shall directly inform in writing in case his/her contact details are lost, stolen or are used without his/her permission or in case he/she realises any other intentional and illegal access to such contact details. In such a case we will annul your contact details from your account and update our files accordingly without being liable in any way.

5.     When the visitor-user sends information to the webpage of by completing the relative online forms or by sending e-mail, for the satisfaction of a request or the provision of a service by, the information shall be provided correctly and with accuracy and shall not include false, misleading, defamatory, slanderous, or in general not legal or violating third parties’ rights. The information that the visitor-user provides-completes for the satisfaction of his/her request may be communicated totally or partially at the absolute discretion of the administrators of the webpage and solely to the person directly interested or to an individual having a legal interest and/or as the case may be to the competent authority or authorities according to the law, as well as to any other person or authority, to which it might be considered that such communication should take place based on relevant provisions or pursuant to a court or other authority decision,  in case the use by the user or visitor may be considered as contravening the terms of use of and in general the applicable National, European or International legislation. Especially the latter may be considered appropriate in case, indicatively referred to, it could be contemplated according to the discretion of the administrators of the webpage, among others also that the use of the web site of by a certain visitor-user contravenes any provision of law or regulation or the rules of operation or the general principles of good faith and morality. In any such case all or any information of this visitor-user as well as his/her ΙΡ address may be the object of any investigation, if requested for the protection of rights of or for the protection of violated rights of third parties or in general for the cessation or prevention of any such violation. In case of dispatch of any data or information to the webpage of in any form and for any reason and by any means, these should not contravene the applicable from time to time National, European or International law and the generally accepted principles of good faith and morality and in general all the relevant general principles regarding the access to internet, the supply of internet with any kind of data and regarding the use of internet in general, as well as not to be altered, counterfeited or remodeled by the visitor-user who proceeds to their dispatch or publication or by others, as well as not to be false or slanderous and not to violate third parties’ rights. These data or any part thereof may be filed or used by without any claim or pretention for any cause against by the visitor-user who provides them or in general provides access to them, since the mere fact of ensuring access to the webpage by its administrators constitutes a sufficient and full compensation for the provision of this information by the user-visitor to the webpage. Every visitor-user is absolutely responsible for the use by any means and at any time of or of any part or of any data of its content and he/she may use its services solely for lawful and legitimate purposes and in general by means that comply and do not contravene the applicable law from time to time and general principles of good faith and morality. It is not permitted to use in a way that could cause any form of loss, impairment or damage or to destroy, to deactivate or to damage the servers or our networks or part thereof, or in a way intervening or impeding the access, use and utilization of services or content of or any part thereof by any other member-visitor-user or third party. It is not permitted to the visitor – user to proceed to any act or omission, which could be considered as constituting a misuse of our services or of our content, as indicatively by scheduling a meeting with an expert, at which he/she does not show up or does not intend to show up or by having access to experts for purposes other than those for which he/she reasonably has to do it.  It is also not permitted to the visitor-user to create fake accounts with fraudulent, unlawful or illegal in general intentions, or to collect or save personal data of other users by any means and for any purpose at any time or to assist others for one of the aforementioned purposes and in general to proceed to any act similar to the ones mentioned above even if not explicitly mentioned in the present. reserves the right to pursue any claim emanating from the law or the present terms, such as indicatively the full compensation and satisfaction for any damage, direct and indirect, including reasonable legal costs and fees, due to any violation even by negligence of any applicable legislation, National, European or International, or to any breach of the aforementioned prohibitions by the visitor-user or/and by any third party, who assisted in this regard, and also to proceed to any relevant extrajudicial or judicial legal action or procedure, as indicatively take legal remedying or regulative extrajudicial or judicial measures in order to prevent the violation of the present terms and be compensated for its loss.

6. reserves the right at its absolute discretion and without any notification or prior notice, unless otherwise provided for by the applicable law from time to time, to, indicatively and not restrictively proceed to any of the following actions or to more than one actions or to all such actions cumulatively: a) to register and record - maintain registered any communication (or part thereof) of the visitor – user with the webpage, including e-mail communications and questions – answers addressed to experts or other persons, b) to investigate any complaint, notably but indicatively in case a certain communication does not comply with the applicable law from time to time or with the terms and conditions of its use, c) to decide at its absolute discretion to withdraw, to terminate the uploading or to require the withdrawal of any communication and to proceed to any other legal action for the protection of its rights and interests, d) to withdraw at its absolute discretion and without any obligation for justification communications and data and information sent by the visitor-user, which may be considered by anyone as insulting, defamatory, illegal or annoying or not complying with the terms and conditions of use of or with the applicable at the time provisions or may violate rights or lawful interests of third parties, e) to delete at its absolute discretion and without any obligation for justification and without notification or notice any registered member and prevent his/her access to the web site, when such member does not comply with any of the terms and conditions of use of or with any applicable at the time provision.

7.     The visitor – user accepts the keeping and processing of his/her personal data, as these are declared by himself/herself through the submission of the request and his/her personal record, by the administrator of the site, who is entitled to communicate them to third persons (experts) for the exclusive purpose of the correct operation-provision of services of and the dispatch of the relative answers. Moreover the administrator of will maintain a record with the personal data of the users – senders of requests, pursuant to the terms and conditions of any relevant National Law in force, regarding the confidentiality of personal data, being obliged to comply with the provisions of any other National Law regarding the disclosure of such data to any judicial authority, for reasons of national security or for the prosecution of especially serious offences and for every reason mentioned in the applicable law from time to time, following the procedure provided for by the applicable law.

8.    Through its website the Company is able to use Cookies as part of facilitating and operating the website services. Cookies are small files (text files), which are sent and saved in the user's/subscriber's computer, allowing various sites to operate smoothly and without technical defects, to authorize the collection of multiple choices for the user/subscriber and the recognition of users/subscribers and facilitate their access to the site, and also collect data to improve the content of the site. Cookies do not cause damage to computers and the files kept in them. The Company uses Cookies to provide the users/subscribers with information and to conduct the services provided through the site. Third party providers, including Google, may display ads from the Company on Internet sites. Third party providers, including Google, may use cookies to display ads based on a user's previous visit to the Company's website. Users may choose to be exempted from Google using this kind of cookies, here. It is highlighted that Cookies are absolutely necessary in order for the site to function properly and smoothly.