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About me

Γεια σας,
Ονομάζομαι Γιώτα Προκόπη , έχω μεγάλη εμπειρία με παιδιά , ως babysitter, au pair και κηδεμόνας.

ΔΕΝ είμαι απόφοιτη σχολής παιδαγωγικής/βρεφονηπιοκόμων. Οι γνώσεις μου ως παιδαγωγός στηρίζονται σε εργασιακή εμπειρία και σε μερικά σεμινάρια ή άλλες πηγές επιμόρφωσης.

Προτιμώ να δουλεύω με βρέφη/μωρά.

Hello - Thanks for viewing my profile!

Dear Host Family,

My name is Yota, I’m from Greece.
I am a sailor's and a nurse's daughter.

An au pair with a funny sense of humor and a lively imagination, spreading lots of images orally described!

Appropriate childcare provider for sitting pretty chatty princesses and superheroes, powerful boys!

As a kid, I spent all my summers in a village where the french had built a factory and they hired people from all over the world. There is also a port for yachts there.

After I graduated high school I worked in a store with women accessories and clothes for a year and a half (during the owner's pregnancy period ). Then, I worked as a journalist at the local press for a winter time. All this time I was occasionally babysitting for different families.

I know how to take care of babies and I really enjoy helping them learn new stuff. Also, I like teaching and I always volunteer to help children with their activities or stand by them if they face some kind of difficulty. I think I would make a great english teacher and I might pursue it.

After I graduated high school I studied the English language for three years and I obtain two diplomas of proficient competency in English. I also learned how to use computers. At the same time I had to work so I took a part-time work as a waitress on a local family municipal café at the most beautiful place in my city ( right above the river).

The next winter I decided to move to the capital city of Athens so I would do some studies. Having a father and a first cousin who had been in drama schools I am well familiar with the theatre, so I signed in a drama school which I attended at the weekends and during the weekdays I attended a British translation school three times per week. Back then, I was also occasionally a private languages tutor.

On my spare time back then I wrote two children stories (animal stories). What can I say, I missed having children around me and that was a way to express it!

I got this creational imagination so I’m really good at teaching children Greek- English – Spanish or Italian or whatever else they need help with. Though I have mostly taught adults, I gained a few nice experiences with teaching kids as well.

Cut in the chase: I love to be with children and I have been surrounded by children for the past years. I seek for a chance to live abroad and even greater if I could do some studies as well. I am very reliable as a person and really good with kids in every way.

Last year I was an au pair in Seattle! I had a baby 2.5 months old and a preschooler of 4 years old.

My dream is to learn as many languages as I can and work as a translator after my thirties! Thus, I would like to travel a lot and make friends all over the world!

For 4 months I lived in the countryside of Netherlands, working as an Aupair, taking care 3 kids (their ages: 6, 10, 13, the middle one dyslexic/creative) and learning dutch.

I look forward to meet your family!

I am the type of a childcare provider whose teaching the children by giving the right example. I do no encourage talking back; I do not respond to talking back, I am not touched by it and I keep being austere until kids apologize. In a nutshell, I do not reward bad behavior. I am lenient concerning the play but strict concerning the manners. I also like to teach how to think critical. I am stricted concerning discipline, but soft as kids need to develop emotional development.
I do not support punitive methods like time out or naughty chairs and this can be a deal breaker.

I am the type of the caregiver whose not going to give anything to the kid without a little bit of an oral intellectual challenge. For example: When they want to have a candy, kids should fight for it and then win it as a reward. So when I eat something and a kid might be jealous of it, I am happy to share but I need a good word before doing so.

I wanna travel, work, live abroad! Learn languages, meet new people! Gain experiences, attend many courses and working references!

I would best fit with peope who consider themselves world citizens.

Written for me by some hosts in the USA :
I take no issue with you contacting me in regards to Ms. Prokopi and I am delighted to respond.
I believe her to be a completely competent and reliable young woman. It was a wonderful experience in getting to know Ms. Prokopi and allowing her into my home. Becoming part of a busy household is difficult, but Ms. Prokopi is an extremely pliable professional. She is wonderful with children, a great cook and perfected house keeper. Her educational background in linguistics is fascinating and she is quite dedicated to learning more about other cultures and their languages along with sharing the knowledge she has gained.
It is fair to say that schedule specifics should be made aware in advance so she may make any arrangements such as travel plans.

All things considered, my experience with her was a very pleasant one.

I hope this aides you in your evaluation of Ms. Prokopi.

Kind regards,
Yota Prokopi.

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