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A tutor is a private teacher, particularly a person who teaches a single student or a small group of students. When a student is struggling with a particular subject, a tutor is hired to help him or her to grasp that subject easily. Search for private tutors by subject, view qualifications, reviews from other parents.

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Why should i hire a teacher to help my child with his homework?

You must have experienced returning from work tired listening to a child firing away questions and asking help with his homework, while you probably feel too exhausted to help! A teacher is trained to offer children the correct tools to build their self esteem and enable them to conquer knowledge and autonomy!

Can a teacher babysit during after-school time?

A teacher can babysit for a child before or after his tutoring, if this is what has been agreed with the family. This is a solution that works to the benefit of  the children’s after-school gap period.

Why shouldn't  i assign my child’s babysitter to help him with his homework?

If the babysitter has a degree in teaching, tutoring or similar faculties then by all means you can assign her with the task of assisting your child with his homework. In any other case, it would be best to entrust this mission to a qualified teacher since it this those first years that shape a child’s knowledge patterns and it would be wrong to endanger that process owing to Improper guidance.

How much does a teacher charge?

The prices a teacher charges vary, depending on experience, degrees or expertise and on the type of employment you agree upon. Learn more on the prices each teacher charges in her/his profile and choose the one that better corresponds to your family’s individual needs.

How can i be sure that the teacher i have chosen is qualified?

The experts after compiling their profile with all the necessary information on their education and qualifications they have to bring their papers in person to our offices where the validation process takes place from Nannuka’s team. This is how Nannuka becomes a witness on the validity of their official papers.

What should i take into consideration checking a teacher’s profile?

Every parent has different criteria concerning the choice of a teacher. However, a teacher with experience, expertise on teaching methods and a training on child psychology makes a more favorable case versus others. Thanks to our page’s smart tools you can narrow your choices according to your needs and the criteria that work best for your family.  

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