Having as priority our reliability, the efficiency and high quality standards of our services and the safety of parents and caregivers we are sharing with you our values and operating principles that empowers a healthy and functional running of our services.


Nannuka’s principles and responsibilities


-In order to upgrade a caregiver’s profile to “verified” we have beforehand checked in person his/hers official papers and documents.


-We ensure that none of our member’s personal information and data are made public, but only used for the inner communication between them, after their permission.


-We make sure that all the registered personal data and info in the profiles of parents and caregivers correspond to their active and valid e-mail addresses. If otherwise, we communicate with our members that haven’t posted the right information, urge them to correct it and alert them against repeating this conduct which clearly doesn’t comply with our rules.


-We make sure that double profiles and false or invalid contact info, are  immediately replaced with the valid ones, while recommending our members against repeating such unprofessional conduct.


-We have the right to remove comments or posts that we find insulting or irrelevant to the purposes and content of our site.


-We constantly and thoroughly support the education of our members by means of holding regular seminars and workshops that strengthen their skills and talents.


-We offer the opportunity of volunteering action to the experts-members of the platform focusing on their need to practice their capacities in real conditions while at the same time acquiring work experience in their field of expertise.


-We make recommendations to our members to improve their profile by upgrading and optimising its content in order to accept more job requests.


-We make sure to be at your constant disposal to answer your questions, guide you through the process of enrollment, hear your comments, recommendations, ideas for improvements or alterations you may wish to make.


-We take responsibility for the successful realisation of the psychometric profiler test we provide to caregivers- to complete such a test enables a higher ranking at our pages and the empowerment of an expert’s status since it stands out from the competition crowd.


-Nannuka holds no responsibility whatsoever as far as the pricing of the caregivers’ services are concerned since pricing is arranged independently, between them and the parents.


- NANNUKA is not involved in any way in the employment and financial transaction


Nannuka’s experts set of rules and principles.


-They must give only their true and valid contact info (e-mail address, name, phone number) that are notified to parents only after they have accepted the job request that they have posted.


-Practices of double profiles and incorrect or invalid contact info will be penalised with negative score while the repetition of such actions can result to the member’s suspension.  


-They should under no circumstances fail to show up at the meeting they have set  with the parents, especially without any earlier notice.


-Punctuality is not conditional. Such an unprofessional conduct brings parents to an awkward and problematic situation since they must find a last minute replacement.


-They must be consistent as far as every bit of the agreement they have made is concerned and carry out their duties with an unconditional professionalism.


-During the phone or in person communication with the parents that have chosen them for a potential collaboration, they must make sure that they have discussed all terms and details of their arrangement and mustn’t hesitate to ask every single question that could possibly clarify things and spare them misunderstandings.


-They should keep upgrading their profile page so that it becomes more attractive, communicative and up-to-date- a proof that they have an active interest to find a job.


Nannuka’s parents-members set of rules


-They shouldn’t edit double profiles with different personal data. If otherwise, Nannuka will examine the possibility of removing both.


-They must always give their actual and valid contact info (e-mail address, name, phone number) since this is the only way of communication with the expert the are looking for.


-They have the right to ask the expert they are thinking of hiring recommendations from former employers as well as their contact info to verify their validity.


-They mustn’t change at their will the terms of the arrangement they have agreed upon with the expert during their phone or live communication, if they haven’t discussed it with the expert and haven’t  earned his or her approval first.


-They mustn’t demand or ask to get from the expert private information of no use to their nature of cooperation (for example, house address).


-They should stay loyal to their principal deal as far as the prearranged pricing of the services is concerned and be consistent to a regular payment.


-They have the right to prematurely end the cooperation with the expert, after the expert’s verified misconduct.


-We highly recommend to the parents to post their photograph at their profile page since it gives experts who are expected to give a positive response to the job request the opportunity to have a first glance of them, feel more secure since they see a valid profile and not hesitate to approve the request, in comparison to another parent who hasn’t shared a photo or completed his or her profile with some basic information.


-We advise you to take a minute and evaluate in the form provided the expert with whom you have had a cooperation since it enables other parents to have a better understanding of the expert’s suitability for their needs. On top of that, a vote of confidence (if this is the case) strengthens the expert’s profile.


Set of principles and rules for child care businesses


-They must make sure that the description posted at their profile page corresponds to the actual services they offer.


-They must work towards a detailed documentation of their provided services and the elements that differentiate them from the other competition companies in order to help parents have a better assessment of their suitability.


- They are advised not to neglect to post a professional photo of their business since it plays a leading part to the parent’s choice.


-They must be focused to answer the inquiries of their customers with professionalism, sincerity and will to be of assistance during the first phone conversation with parents since this is the first step that will lead them to a potential cooperation.


-They should make sure that the experience of the customers that pay them a first ‘screening’ visit is equivalent to their high quality services.