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Elderly carer, Panorama

Dear Caregiver,

This is a full-time live-in position for a "lady-caregiver" who will live with a 78 year old smiling, lively, positive, elegant and pleasant couple in need of a little “back-up” in their everyday’ s life.
The couple lives approx. 5 months per year in Thessaloniki, Panorama where they have a house with an independent apartment available for the future caregiver. They spend the remaining months in Lausanne, Switzerland where they have a big flat with an independent room+bathroom available for a caregiver.
They travel from time to time to holiday resorts in Greece and might travel once a year (maybe every second year going forward) to Singapore to visit their eldest son. They need a person to stay permanently with them to give a hand with simple things such as prompting the lady to take her medicine, accompanying the lady or the couple to the supermarket, help putting the purchased items in the car, be a safeguard to the lady’s occasional memory weaknesses, give her a hand to cook, be with her when she drives (or relieve her from some driving from time to time), spend some time with her as a company when her husband takes care of his own businesses, etc., etc.
If you are interested, their "youngest" son would love to have a preliminary chat with you and possibly meet you in case of mutual interest.
Please note that the couple speaks fluently Greek and French. Fluency in one of these languages, preferably Greek is a prerequisite (speaking both is not necessary but would of course be an additional asset).
Before applying, please make that your profile corresponds to the above criteria so that your application can be considered. Summarizing the basic pre-requisites:
• Live-in full time
• Willing to live abroad (Switzerland and Greece)
• Greek (or French) speaking
• Passport enabling to travel to Switzerland and Greece freely.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Elderly carer

Pay rate:

800€ / month

Employment type:

Live in





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