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Terms and conditions - Individual Clients

The Hotel Nanny Service

  1. All expressions of interest, bookings & payments are strictly made online or via email. After you have booked your nanny, you will be able to contact the nanny and arrange all details by phone. You will be also able to arrange an online meeting (skype, viber, facetime etc) to meet prior to the service or even ask the nanny to arrive earlier (all charges apply). We usually suggest all families to call the nanny at least 15 minutes earlier than the designated hour they wish to leave the house/hotel.
  2. You will be asked to sign the arrival and departure form.
  3. You might be asked by your Hotel to fill in the Babysitter Agreement in which you will describe all details requested for the service.
  4. We will most probably follow up via email for quality purposes after the service has been completed -we thank you in advance for your sincere review of the nanny.
  5. You will be charged with travel fees in case the service is required for outside of Athens.
  6. Direct booking of the babysitter is not allowed under any circumstances and in case you proceed to a direct deal with the nanny, The Hotel Nanny Service will refuse to proceed with any legalisation of the service or payment of the Nanny.
  7. The Hotel Nanny Service by Nannuka provides child care services only. Sitters will not clean or do any domestic work outside of cleanup from the time they have spent with the children during the reservation.

Nanny confirmation & allocation

  1. You acknowledge that your child is in good physical condition unless you have stated otherwise on your booking form and do not know of any condition or reason that your child should not participate in any gentle play/running/physical activities.
  2. You give your 100% confirmation that you have fully briefed the nanny allocated with the routine of your children, any likes or dislikes and any thing the nanny may need to know for the smooth and safe provide of care.
  3. You understand that a safe and nurturing environment will always be given for your child/children and activities will be offered within and close to the grounds of the respective Hotel with optimum safety in mind. Therefore, you further agree to release and hold harmless The Hotel Nanny Service by Nannuka from all claims and liabilities of any type whatsoever of injury, sickness or death to your child, which may result from your taking on the service of a nanny from The Hotel Nanny Service.
  4. Your service duration are as times stated. We allow a 5 minute buffer to return to your room. However, after that, another additional hour will automatically occur with no exception.
  5. Your nanny will arrive with a tailor made basket of creative play and you accept these toys are safe and appropriate for your child. The creative play basket does not change according to seasonality.
  6. You accept that you will clearly state any after midnight care needed to inform the nanny ahead of time.
  7. No part of this service is intended to constitute advice and the content of this website should not be relied upon when making any decisions or taking any action of any kind.
  8. No part of this website is intended to constitute a contractual offer capable of acceptance. No goods and / or services are sold through this website and product and / or service details are provided for information purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all graphical representations of products and / or descriptions of services available from The Hotel Nanny Service correspond to the actual products and / or services, The Hotel Nanny Service is not responsible for any variations from these descriptions. The Hotel Nanny Service does not represent or warrant that such products and / or services will be available from us or our premises. For this reason, please contact us prior to visiting if you wish to enquire as to the availability of any products and / or services. The Hotel Nanny reserves the right to change prices and alter or remove any special offers from time to time and as necessary.

Payments, Cancellations & Modifications

  1. Once your confirmation has been sent with your nanny details/schedule or once the service has commenced, these can not be changed or swapped last minute for other times. Cancellation/modification policy will apply. On last minute modifications, extra hours can be added, however, we will still charge you for all changed hours.
  2. On individual, one nanny bookings cancelled less than 24 hours from the date of the booking incur, a 100% charge is in place. On cancellations up to 48 hours a 50% of the total fee will be refunded. On cancellations up to 72 hours and above a 75% of the total fee will be refunded. On multiple nanny bookings or more than 8 consecutive hours service, cancellations less than 48 hours from the date of the booking incur, a 100% charge of the deposit is in place. On cancellations upto 72 hours and above a 50% of the deposit will be refunded.
  3. Travel costs for the nanny may still apply depending on time of cancellation If a nanny has to travel from out of city for your cover this will be mentioned - a travel charge will be applied.
  4. All payments are strictly made online. For larger number of nannies or more than 8 consecutive hours of service, the deposit is 50% of the final charge. There is a 13% VAT charge on all babysitting services’receipts according to the Greek law. However if you wish to receive an invoice there is no extra VAT charge. The company must be registered in VIES system according to EU law.
  5. All payment deposit is charged by credit card. For bookings less than 8 hours, the total fee is being charged upon confirmation of the booking. On multiple nanny bookings or more than 8 consecutive hours service, the 50% of service is charged when the booking is confirmed. You are charged from the time that the sitter is scheduled to arrive to the time that you come to the room/house (to the nearest quarter of the hour). At the end of the reservation, your sitter will have a departure form for you to sign. Once the form is signed, the sitter reports to The Hotel Nanny Service by Nannuka and any balance is charged. All receipts are sent by email so please ensure that The Hotel Nanny Service by Nannuka has your correct email address on file.
  6. In case of plane delays or event cancellations, The Hotel Nanny Service by Nannuka cancellation policy will apply. There are no exceptions.
  7. We are able to accommodate most last-minute requests. We can usually have a sitter to your home, hotel or event within 48 hours. There are additional fees when booking a sitter at the last minute (less than 24 hours).
  8. If for any reason you are not happy with your nanny, you must inform the office immediately and terminate the nanny care of which the office will work hard on a replacement. A replacement may not be possible and hence forward your free choice of continuing the care is your agreement to the placement offered. In case there is no possible replacement you will only be charged for the days you received the service for. You will be charged with all travel expenses for the replacement nanny.
  9. On last minute modifications after 23.00, a double fee/hour applies.
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