housekeeper - nanny for Brussels (Belgium)

Family is looking for a live-in nanny/housekeeper person to look after two adorable children of 9 and 11 years old, who are going to school from 9:00 am to 16:00. Interested candidates must be good drivers as they will pick up the kids from school everyday with car provided by the family. They must be native Greek speakers and also speak English or French. They also must love dogs as the family has two friendly dogs. The duties entailed in the position include light housekeeping (tidying up only as the family have two cleaners who come twice a week and clean the house) and all housekeeping related to the children (washing and ironing their clothes, tidying their bedrooms and playroom). They also include grocery shopping and two baby-sitting nights a week. The nanny/housekeeper will be offered an independent apartment in the family's home with independent entry, all utility costs paid and will also have a car available for off-duty hours. The parents are looking for a reliable and honest person, who is pleasant, outgoing and enjoys working with kids. The nanny will be offered two return tickets a year from Belgium to Greece and 30 days of holidays. The position is currently open and we would like to employ a person as soon as possible.

Babysitting , Creative play , Cooking/Meal preparation , Cleaning , Housekeeping related to childcare , Homework help

Age of children:
11 years old , 9 years old

Type of Job Post

Work days:
tick Mon. tick Tue. tick Wed. tick Thu. tick Fri. Sat. Sun.

Work hours:
Flexible - help in the morning before kids go to school and help as of 16h00 after kids return and until parents return from work (which is within normal business hours).

Job starts:
Available immediately

Ηλικίες παιδιών:

11 χρονών , 9 χρονών

1100€ / μήνα
Ολική απασχόληση


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Δευ. Τρί. Τετ. Πέμ. Παρ. Σάβ. Κυρ.
06:00-09:00 tick tick tick tick tick
12:00-15:00 tick
15:00-18:00 tick tick tick tick tick
18:00-21:00 tick tick tick tick tick

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