Nanny for two children plus part-time housekeeping


We are a Greek-Cypriot /German family with two little children living just by Hampstead Heath in N. London. As a Greek speaker, I'd like my children to learn to speak their mother tongue so I am hoping someone can help us with that, but it's not the most important aspect of the job. Our lovely nanny of 4 years has recently left due to health reasons, and we are looking for a nanny that can join our family long-term.

We are looking for a warm, dependable, responsible nanny who can spend time with both, do nursery pickup, help with cooking and lunch (only, not dinner) and nap time for the little one, and games/walks to the park/playdates/arts and crafts with both children, once the older one finishes school (around 15.30). As we both work full-time, we will also need some hours every week spent on housekeeping (dusting, hoovering, laundry - mostly for the children - and general maintenance).

I work from home so will help where I can, but I need someone I can trust with my little ones and my home. It's not a very demanding job as we are clean, organised, our place is small and new, and the children stay locally around Hampstead Heath and Waterlow Park. You will not be asked generally to take them on public transport, or keep them overnight/babysit beyond contracted hours, or work overtime, as we are hands-on parents. Both children are well-mannered, smart, outgoing, and on a structured schedule.

We'll need someone with experience, who is organised, clean, helpful, warm and patient, and can work around the children's schedules. A First-Aid certificate will be necessary as well, for peace of mind.

Full-time contracted hours will be 35, and we are flexible - we can offer more hours if the candidate wants them. We offer pension, paid holidays, insurance, and a contract through PAYE with taxes and other benefits.

Start date: asap (August 2022 preferably).

Please get in touch on zero-seven-seven-nine-six-eight-nine-four-three-six-eight. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Myrsini & Julian

Age of children:

5 years old , 2 years old

2000€ / month
Part time employment

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