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Nanny for one child, 1 years old, Florence

We are looking for a nanny to meet us in Tuscany from the 23rd or 24th of October to the 29th or 30th of October. Dates will be finalised soon.
We are looking for someone to help with our 2 year old son. Preferably someone who speaks English. And someone who can travel alone back and forth from Greece to Italy. Hours are to be discussed but it will be about 6-8 hrs a day with breaks throughout the day. And some evening babysitting if we need. Laundry and meals will be taken care of in the villa. So it just general care for our son.

Age of children:

2 years old

Upon Request
One time



From: 23 October 2021 Time: 00:00
From: 30 October 2021 Time: 00:00

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