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Searching for a lovely housekeeper / Mothers helper on behalf of my mum.

My mum is 48 years old with general body pain similar to that of arthritis. She has limited movements in her knee and foot region but does manage to move around the house

She can move around the house with her crutch etc but it’s very difficult for her to do heavy duty stuff which she used to do.

We live in a 4 bedroom town house in Borehamwood over 2 floors. (Ground, first, second).

Our house generally is kept in very clean condition as she’s very much into housework as that’s her passion. But now she’s limited to doing what she used to do.

We are looking for-

A housekeeper to do bed sheets, Hoover, clean etc. Who ever does this job will be surprised as the house is generally spotless.

Basic carer help for my mum such as washing her hair, maybe scrubbing her back when showering, etc. Doesn’t heavily need to look after her as she’s very independent and does things her self but definitely needs support.

We are Bengali by origin, however it would be great if you can help do some light cooking as the helper in the kitchen and my mum will be the main person, e.g cut onions, tomatoes etc and some light cooking. However Asian origin is not mandatory as long as the person can do the job

Maybe take her for a walk to keep her knee moving as that’s where the issue area is for her.

Gentle massage with oil to give her some relaxation.

When the person does the job you will actually enjoy my mums company as she loves being around people something she misses the most as she cannot go out like before.

3 days a week 3 hours
1 day a week 4 hours.
AM time preferred.
10am- 1pm and 10am -2pm

Flexible on the days depending on the individual.

12£ / hour
Part time employment
Elstree and Borehamwood


Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
12:00-15:00 tick tick tick

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