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Babysitter for 3 children, Antiparos

We are looking for a nanny (happy also to help with housekeeping) to be with us for 2.3 or max 3 weeks during our holidays in Antiparos from July 13th to the end of the month.
We are looking for an experienced, loving and caring for children, good at organising them, taking good care of their wellbeing and development nanny/educator, hardworking, and proactive. We of course cover accomodation and food/travel expenses. Depending on experience and whether the nanny would like to be working every day or with a break on Sundays, we offer 350-450 Euros per week.
We also have a post for a permanent live in job in London. This temporary placement in Antiparos may be used as a good introduction for a full time job in London.

Age of children:

9 years old , 7 years old , 2 years old

1600£ / month
One time


From: 13 July 2019 Time: 07:30
From: 31 July 2019 Time: 21:00

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