Halloween fun activities

Halloween fun activities for the whole family: spooktacular ideas!

Everyone’s favorite spooky period is just around the corner… and you want to make the upcoming holiday exciting and really fun for all. Here are some amazing activities to do with your tiny tots, or the kids you’ re taking care of if you’re a babysitter or nanny, to celebrate the spookiest season; get ready

indoor activities

Games & indoor activities to keep the kids creatively busy: ideas for parents and caregivers!

Now that school is in session and rainy days are here, it feels so much harder to entertain kids. But there are plenty of fun activities to do indoors that can keep all children active and happy; turn off the TV, ditch the iPad, and add these clever ideas to your cool arsenal!   Playhouses,

icebreaker games

Icebreaker games for babysitters & nannies that really work!

Coping with a group of children you don’t know can be difficult; well, it is hard for the kids too! But when it comes to childcare, it’s all about creating fun moments and memories. Instead of watching the little ones play, you need to play with them. So get creative, make a fun first impression