get the kids talking

15+1 questions to get the kids talking about their day at school!

Do you find yourself asking your children day after day, “How was your day at school?” only to be disappointed by a short and simple answer like “fine”, a grunt or a shrug? Well, getting kids to talk about their day at school may be challenging and seem like it requires CIA-approved interrogation techniques. But

school anxiety

Coping with back-to-school anxiety & refusal.

“I don’t want to go to school” -does this phrase ring a bell? Each September, millions of parents have to cope with their children’s beginning-of-the-year anxiety, tears and those knots in the stomach that sometimes last even longer than the first month. Actually, most kids would prefer to be at home playing with their toys,

waking up early for school

Waking up early for school: Tips we tried ourselves… and work!

It’s that time of year again… How, after months of sleeping late, do you get the kids used to waking up early? Getting kids to stick to a back-to-school routine can be a struggle that’s bound to make even the most patient parent want to scream. Well, summer holidays can throw out the whole family’s

healthy school lunch choices

Healthy school lunch choices & tips for picky eaters!

Are fussy eaters making your kitchen a battlefield? We’ve all been there. And many of us still are… Back-to-school time can be a stressful period as it means facing once again the lunch box drama. However, satisfying your kids’ taste buds with simple but nutritious choices is possible; read on to find out smart ideas

school-friendly home

Back to school time: organizing a school-friendly home!

From hectic mornings with papers and clothes flying off in every direction to last-minute projects and after-school activities, back-to-school time is certainly an intense period of transition for most parents and kids. A school-friendly nest can really help you calm down and get a little bit more organized this fall. Let’s make sure that your