Parenting & babysitting: discipline without punishment!

Whether you’re a parent or a babysitter, sometimes you need some tips and tricks when it comes to discipline. What are the most effective discipline strategies? Which are the best rules of discipline in our post-spanking era?   Teach, don’t punish. Our focus has to be educational, not retributive. How do we go back from

icebreaker games

Icebreaker games for babysitters & nannies that really work!

Coping with a group of children you don’t know can be difficult; well, it is hard for the kids too! But when it comes to childcare, it’s all about creating fun moments and memories. Instead of watching the little ones play, you need to play with them. So get creative, make a fun first impression

what does a babysitter do

What does a babysitter do to become valuable for the family? 10 tips you should know!

  Yes, there’s more to babysitting than making sure the children are still sound and safe by the time the parents return. How about a mini guide to help you get ready for the important role of a babysitter? Read on and find out what a babysitter does to become a valuable and trusted member


The perfect babysitter’s qualities: what do all kids want in a babysitter?

You’re on the hunt for a new babysitter or nanny. Great! You want to find a responsible and trustworthy person; someone with excellent references who can handle an emergency. But what’s on your children’s wish list? How can you understand that you have really found your Mary Poppins?   Active and energetic A great caregiver