daily routine

6 Reasons why daily routine is so important to childcare.

Maybe your parents didn’t raise you that way. Maybe yoυ -as an adult and a professional- are allergic to tight schedules, deadlines and strict programs to stick to. You may as well believe that a routine doesn’t leave enough space for creativity to breathe.That’s not the case with scientific researches and childcare psychology guidelines that

babysitter experience

Adamantia in the Dominican Republic as a babysitter: a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Adamantia, a preschool teacher and a Nannuka member, got onto a plane last February to accompany a Greek family to the Dominican Republic. Yes, she was going to be the babysitter of the 5-year-old daughter of the couple that had to travel to this unique Caribbean’s country. The reason why they decided to travel to


What we do in Nannuka… and why you should stick around for long!

  There is no how-to guide for raising a child, so what do you do when you realize that you constantly struggle to find enough time to do a zillion things and be a good parent? We know that life is a balancing act and that we all need childcare that will always be trustworthy

Proud for our first Nannuka MeetUp in London

Proud for our first Nannuka MeetUp in London!

Setting foot in London would mean nothing on its own if we didn’t have the chance to meet our members in person, exchange valuable tips and share our experiences in our first Nannuka MeetUp. Sunday 19th of March was the perfect… field day to meet childcarers, babysitters, nannies and tutors and discuss job opportunities particularly among Greek