National Nanny Recognition Week

National Nanny Recognition Week: 8 ways to show her that you care!

Did you know that the last week of September is also known as National Nanny Recognition Week?  A whole week dedicated to the babysitters and nannies that stand by our families, care for our children and facilitate our everyday lives! Let us take advantage of this celebration to show them that we really appreciate what

get the kids talking

15+1 questions to get the kids talking about their day at school!

Do you find yourself asking your children day after day, “How was your day at school?” only to be disappointed by a short and simple answer like “fine”, a grunt or a shrug? Well, getting kids to talk about their day at school may be challenging and seem like it requires CIA-approved interrogation techniques. But

potty training

Potty Training: the how-to guide for parents & nannies!

  Having to break out of your comfort zone (aka the usual diaper) is a huge change for a kid… Potty training might seem like a really hard task not only for toddlers, but also for parents and caregivers. But take a deep breath; you’re not alone!   Choose the right time. In general, children

things we shouldn't say to the kids

7 things we shouldn’t say to the kids & what to say instead!

Well, some of the most commonly used phrases we use when talking to our kids or when taking care of them as their babysitters can be quite destructive. We all say the wrong things sometimes, leaving our kids feeling hurt or confused. So, here are a few phrases we should stop saying to our little ones.

healthy school lunch choices

Healthy school lunch choices & tips for picky eaters!

Are fussy eaters making your kitchen a battlefield? We’ve all been there. And many of us still are… Back-to-school time can be a stressful period as it means facing once again the lunch box drama. However, satisfying your kids’ taste buds with simple but nutritious choices is possible; read on to find out smart ideas

bedtime routine

Bedtime routine for toddlers: tips for the after-the-crib stage!

When our little ones are babies, we stick to the usual safe sleeping practices we all know. But what happens after the infancy stage? Well, there are toddlers who are masters of negotiation (“ten more minutes, please?”), drive their parents nuts at night and are up at the crack of dawn. And there are kids

icebreaker games

Icebreaker games for babysitters & nannies that really work!

Coping with a group of children you don’t know can be difficult; well, it is hard for the kids too! But when it comes to childcare, it’s all about creating fun moments and memories. Instead of watching the little ones play, you need to play with them. So get creative, make a fun first impression

what does a babysitter do

What does a babysitter do to become valuable for the family? 10 tips you should know!

  Yes, there’s more to babysitting than making sure the children are still sound and safe by the time the parents return. How about a mini guide to help you get ready for the important role of a babysitter? Read on and find out what a babysitter does to become a valuable and trusted member

nannuka profile

To babysitters & nannies: how to choose a great picture for your Nannuka profile!

Pictures speak a thousand words and especially on the Internet they give a first impression. Psychologists have found that we form first impressions from a picture in only 100 milliseconds, so, yes, it is important that your Nannuka profile pic is friendly and inviting. Don’t know where to start? Look no further; our tips can work


The perfect babysitter’s qualities: what do all kids want in a babysitter?

You’re on the hunt for a new babysitter or nanny. Great! You want to find a responsible and trustworthy person; someone with excellent references who can handle an emergency. But what’s on your children’s wish list? How can you understand that you have really found your Mary Poppins?   Active and energetic A great caregiver