indoor activities

Games & indoor activities to keep the kids creatively busy: ideas for parents and caregivers!

Now that school is in session and rainy days are here, it feels so much harder to entertain kids. But there are plenty of fun activities to do indoors that can keep all children active and happy; turn off the TV, ditch the iPad, and add these clever ideas to your cool arsenal!   Playhouses,

third child in the family

Third child in the family: how to prepare!

Going from zero to one is a perfect life-changer. Plus, everyone around you is rapt. Going from one to two feels great. Plus, everyone around you congratulates you endlessly. But how does life change when you go from two children to three?   Preparing your children   The good news: Bringing home a new baby

Nannuka office

Nannuka welcomes you to its new London offices!

Regardless of the fact that we are an online and service, we still believe that face to face contact remains irreplaceable and even more relevant today! It is important not only for us, the Nannuka team, to feel the day-to-day verve and organically bond together but also for anyone who wants to drop by, meet us in person,


Staycation: the how-to guide for families who spend summer vacation… at home!

Staycation; we love this fancy term for spending your time-off at home! Instead of expensive airline tickets and long queues at stations, we are choosing to stay at home with our little ones this summer. Yes, a vacation at home can be the perfect getaway for all families with young kids.   Deviate from all

nannuka playdate

Meet & Play: our first Nannuka playdate in London!

What a perfect opportunity it was to… mix and match Mother’s Day celebration with our first “Meet and Play” Nannuka Playdate for Greek families in London! We were so happy to see all those carefree kids playing around with Nannuka’s creative play specialists while parents had the chance to get to know each other, exchange parenting

Meet Korina, Nannuka Uk’s Country Manager!

Korina Strapatsaki is Nannuka’s Country Manager in the United Kingdom. She makes sure professional childcarers find a loving home to work in, offering their valuable services and families a trustworthy person to look after their children. Korina has already successfully organised a MeetUp Day for Greek childcarers in London to exchange tips and experiences and

Proud for our first Nannuka MeetUp in London

Proud for our first Nannuka MeetUp in London!

Setting foot in London would mean nothing on its own if we didn’t have the chance to meet our members in person, exchange valuable tips and share our experiences in our first Nannuka MeetUp. Sunday 19th of March was the perfect… field day to meet childcarers, babysitters, nannies and tutors and discuss job opportunities particularly among Greek