nannuka playdate

Meet & Play: our first Nannuka playdate in London!

What a perfect opportunity it was to... mix and match Mother's Day celebration with our first "Meet and Play" Nannuka Playdate for Greek families in London! We were so happy to see all those carefree kids playing around with Nannuka's

Meet Korina, Nannuka Uk’s Country Manager!

Korina Strapatsaki is Nannuka’s Country Manager in the United Kingdom. She makes sure professional childcarers find a loving home to work in, offering their valuable services and families a trustworthy person to look

Proud for our first Nannuka MeetUp in London

Proud for our first Nannuka MeetUp in London!

Setting foot in London would mean nothing on its own if we didn't have the chance to meet our members in person, exchange valuable tips and share our experiences in our first Nannuka MeetUp. Sunday 19th of March was the perfect...