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Nanny για 2 παιδιά, Camden

From September 2018 onwards we will need a nanny/babysitter on a daily basis. On Monday and Tuesday the nanny will be responsible for picking up my 3 year old son from nursery at 15.00 and bringing him back home and staying with him until 17.30/18.00. The nursery is walking distance from our home. She will need to engage in creative and educational play with him and be able to prepare a meal. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday the nanny will be arriving at 9pm and will be taking care of my 12 month daughter between 9-17.00, including preparing meals and feeding, creative and educational activities. On the same days between the hours of 15.00-17.00, the nanny will be responsible for both my son and daughter. We are happy to do some trials with those interested so that the kids manage to build a relationship with them by September.



Ηλικίες παιδιών:

1 χρονών , 3 χρονών

Ενδεικτική αμοιβή:

9£ / ώρα

Τύπος απασχόλησης:

Μερική απασχόληση


Greater London




Δευ. Τρί. Τετ. Πέμ. Παρ. Σάβ. Κυρ.
09:00-12:00 tick tick tick
12:00-15:00 tick tick tick
15:00-18:00 tick tick tick tick tick
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