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Στη Nannuka, θα ανακαλύψεις χιλιάδες αγγελίες από οικογένειες. 7 στους 10 επαγγελματίες βρίσκουν εργασία μέσα σε ένα μήνα!

Nanny για ένα παιδί ηλικίας 8 ετών, Cork

We are looking for someone who can help us with our girls from end of April until beginning of July.

You are welcome to join our family and help us through our daily tasks.

You will be taking to school our big daughter every day and you will be bringing her back home.

You will be spending some time with both our children, playing, feeding them and taking care when we will be working. For us it is important for you to be near and make sure they are secure, keep things clean around them so they don’t fall or in danger themselves.

In our family you will be having your weekends off and only in special occasions we might need you for a couple of hours during the weekend.

It would be a great plus if you play guitar or piano so that our children start having also the same hobbies.



Ηλικίες παιδιών:

8 χρονών

Ενδεικτική αμοιβή:

400€ / month

Τύπος απασχόλησης:

Ολική απασχόληση






Δευ. Τρί. Τετ. Πέμ. Παρ. Σάβ. Κυρ.
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09:00-12:00 tick tick tick tick tick
12:00-15:00 tick tick tick tick tick
15:00-18:00 tick tick tick tick tick
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