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Babysitter για 2 παιδιά, Χαλάνδρι

I am looking for a live-in nanny 1 day off/week in Chalandri/Luxemburg June 2018 with experience to take care of my 2,5years old twins. This person should be responsible, flexible, attentive and fun… playful with children, encouraging creative play, reading, arts and crafts and outdoor exploration and loves to travel. We will be living between Greece and Luxembourg. Ideally nanny will be fluent in English and Greek. From September the children will be at school for about 6hours/day. We travel abroad very often. My son and daughter are very loveable, warm children who laugh a lot and love music and dancing. They are easy and quite independent but need a lot of supervision, given their age. They are already world travelers.



Ηλικίες παιδιών:

3 χρονών , 3 χρονών

Ενδεικτική αμοιβή:

1000€ / month

Τύπος απασχόλησης:

Εσωτερική οικιακή απασχόληση


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Φύλαξη παιδιού

Φύλαξη παιδιού

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