Looking for a babysitter/nurse to take care of our 6 month old baby boy.

We are travelling to athens between 16 and 23rd March and would need a babysitter during this week; mostly in the evenings after 18/19h for 3 or 4 hours. Perhaps a few times doing the day as well if this is possible.
We have a baby boy who is very cute and is just 6 months old - he likes to play, eat and sleep.
We speak English and Swedish. We live in Sweden.
We will stay in Karytsi Str. Athens; which is right in the center.
We would like someone that has some basic English language skills and that is comfortable with 6 month old babies.

Ηλικίες παιδιών:

6 μηνών

Κατόπιν Συνεννόησης
Μερική απασχόληση
Αθήνα (κέντρο)


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