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Dear parents, I am glad to introduce myself and describe my qualifications here. First of all, I am a kindergarden teacher. I had the chance to study in a very good university and come in touch with various alternative methods of teaching, such as the pedagogical approaches of Waldorf, Montessori, Dewey, Neill, Freinet, Freire etc. Through many various volunteer jobs the last years, I had the chance to put in action the theory that was presented to me. By that way, I realized the importance of patience, imagination, cooperation, vigilance and honesty towards the children. Furthermore, I have attended courses of puppet theatre, drama in education, physical theatre, circus acrobatics and lindy hop dance. The combination of these activities has helped me to have confidence with body expression and work with the children through this.
I have worked for 4 years with refugees children that we don't have a common language.My thesis was the creation of a shadow theatre performance, without speaking, which was performed to refugees children and then, through activities, we realized that different language code is not at all a problem, when there is efficient motivation to communicate.
In conclusion, I believe that I can be a very good babysitter because I can really communicate with the children, I am able to use the body language as a tool and I can play with them unlimited hours. I have the patience to explain to the children the meaning of the rules and their value. I can put limits, created with the concensus of the child, that help him/her to develop, put specific goals and succeed on them but also not lose, at the same time, his/her self- control.

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