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I have graduated from the School of Primary Education, a sector of the Faculty of Education in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). I have acquired a four-year Honours Bachelor degree (B.Ed) after completing there an undergraduate programme which was devoted on shaping teachers with democratic conscience, opposing to any kind of social discrimination. During this period, I have deeply learnt and comprehended a vast amount of pedagogical, sociological, political, philosophical and psychological theories and practices, in order to face positively the transformation of education towards forming a society governed by the principles of Justice, Democracy, Freedom and Equality. My contact with the pedagogy resulted in understanding the operation frame of contemporary educational systems as well as the policies according to which they were structured. During my six months placement, I indulged in the use of different teaching approaches as well as profoundly understood the function of school and the various factors that affect planning, conducting and assessing class teaching. The above-mentioned experiences have enhanced my enthusiasm for teaching and helped me create a bridge between the theories and the reality, I will be called to face in the classroom, the curriculum, the preparation and evaluation of the lesson, the children and their diverse experiences, the social, emotional and cognitive factors that intervene in the act of teaching and influence learning. My placement helped me implement and modify certain parts of the National Curriculum, as I had to plan, prepare and deliver teaching plans in various primary subjects and develop a wide range of assessment opportunities (You can find a sample of my work in a blog we have created with students to exhibit our project for bicycle: http://bike11dimotiko.blogspot.gr/2012/12/blog-post_6922.html). I feel that my degree in Primary Education has provided me with substantial educational tools and methods in teaching and understanding of the teaching process. My focus lies in ensuring that children balance learning with fun in the classroom and building confidence in their own ability. I maintain a positive atmosphere in classrooms and use both theory and activity-based teaching to help kids learn better. I use my creative skills to develop class projects that are challenging, employ a child’s knowledge and are engaging at the same time. Willing to continue my academic studies, I was chosen by the Institute of Education – University College London to undertake the MA programme "Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment". Through the projects and presentations that are part of the MA I have improved my team work and oral communication skills. As a SEN Teaching assistant, I helped pupils raise their achievement and access the full curriculum by overcoming barriers to learning. I worked with focus groups of students, supporting intervention sessions with literacy, numeracy and guided reading. I planned and prepared schemes of work that were based on National Curriculum requirements (EYFS/KS1), tailoring it to individuals needs and provided differentiated learning resources for a variety of learning styles. I worked closely with the teacher/ SENCO and through ongoing updating and cooperation we assessed, evidenced pupils’ progress and determined transitional steps in their learning and behaviour. Additionally, I used my initiative to develop and implement actions that promoted pupils’ independence and integration with their peers. Since 2015, I was lucky enough to be part of a school that strongly supported the continuing professional development of its staff. At Southmead, I have attended a spellings workshop that assisted me in the spelling instruction of different types of words and in the assessment of spellings, using alternatives to spellings tests such as spelling journals. Furthermore, I took part in a mastery seminar that focussed on what it means to be master of a subject and how students can become one. This enhanced my understanding of targets (working towards, achieved, mastered) and had some implications on my teaching style towards problem solving, reasoning and application of knowledge in different circumstances. Moreover, I attended a safeguarding - child protection training that made clear to me what are the indicators of worries and the procedure that needs to be followed when some concerns are raised. Last but not least, autism training took place in many instances. I grasped what it meant to be autistic and implemented several behaviour strategies, social stories, visuals, timetables to assist the students in their personal development and their learning. Through the speech and language therapy I modelled and expanded students' language and I assisted them in their social communications, social relationships - interactions, social understanding and imagination. I also supported and taught students ways to manage and regulate their emotions. I learnt how to deal with tantrums and meltdowns and realised the reasons for poor behaviour. Through occupational therapy interventions I have tried to meet each child's sensory needs using the model of sensory processing. I implemented body breaks, heavy work, used fidgets, aid transitions strategies and ultimately helped the kids self-regulate. I was also responsible for a science after-school club where students sought answers to questions through collecting, analysing and presenting data, as well as carrying out practical experiments or research. I used the scientific experimentation to challenge children’s views and misconceptions. On a personal level, I have the determination needed to succeed in any challenging environment and pride myself on being a principled, discreet person who has strong ethics and keeps children’s safety in mind at all times. I am well-versed with technology making it a point to keep up with new trends and methods in teaching so that I can put them into practice in the classroom. I am an active, patient but firm, ambitious individual yet responsible, hardworking and quite flexible.

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