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Στη Nannuka, θα ανακαλύψεις χιλιάδες αγγελίες από οικογένειες. 7 στους 10 επαγγελματίες βρίσκουν εργασία μέσα σε ένα μήνα!

Οικιακή βοηθός, Παγκράτι

Hi. I am looking for someone trustworthy, reliable, honest and hardworking to work for 12 hours a week/2 days a week/6 hours a day (Mondays & Thursdays OR Tuesdays & Fridays). Times are flexible for you to choose your 6 hour period between 07:30 am to 16:30 pm
We want someone who will be able to:
• Speak and communicate in English
• Has no problems with dogs (we have one small dog which is very friendly and trained)
The main tasks will include but are not limited to:
• Cooking meal for two people
• Using dish washer
• Using washing machine
• Ironing
• Tidy up wardrobe for two people
• Hoovering, Mopping and cleaning surfaces
• Dog walking for 20 minutes
Please contact me if you think you have what we ask for and salary can potentially go up to 6 euros, once a good working relationship has been established.


Φροντίδα σπιτιού

Φροντίδα σπιτιού


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