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Babysitter για 2 παιδιά, Doha

We are looking for a live-in nanny in Doha, Qatar for 2 kids (4 and 2 years old). It is extremely crucial for us that the nanny speaks greek and only greek to the kids. But she needs to have a basic English level so that I can communicate with her. And we have a preference for someone with pre-school / nursery teaching experience. And finally, we would like her to be young and dynamic because we encourage our kids to be active, and that she knows how to swim. 1 day off per week and 1 month per annum with return ticket to Greece paid Annual ticket to Greece for the holidays, insurance, food and accommodation taken care of (as part of the household) we travel a lot and the nanny will accompany us in our travel; we also spend July and August in Greece, in our house in Kineta, and we tend to go there some other times during the year. Salary: Euro 1,300 if she doesn’t have pre-school teaching experience and Euro 1,500 with experience – please note these amounts are net given that there is no tax in Qatar.


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