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Στη Nannuka, θα ανακαλύψεις χιλιάδες αγγελίες από οικογένειες. 7 στους 10 επαγγελματίες βρίσκουν εργασία μέσα σε ένα μήνα!

Live in babysitting and house help

We are a family of 4 people. We have 2 boys (5 years and 6 months). Languages spoken: Russian, English.
We need help with all in-house arrangements. Babysitting, cooking, tidying, ironing and keeping the house in order. (Weekly house cleaning excluded) I am not working, I only have occasional errands, so I will be involved in childcare (when free of other errands) and cooking.
I need help with cooking breakfast and getting older child for school, babysitting with the little one, cooking baby food, dinner and lunch for school, keeping children's clothes and toys in order, doing laundry. Taking children to playground in the afternoon. Sometimes putting one kid to bed, rarely both of them.
We are not in great need of pick-up/drop off, but having the option would be great.
Passport needed for travelling outside Greece with us.


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