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Housekeeper, Oxford

I am looking for a Housekeeper. The services I need are Vacation childcare, Cooking/Meal preparation, Laundry, Cleaning, Housekeeping related to childcare, Personal hygiene for live-in employees

Would you be interested to work at Oxford as a live in or live out housekeeper?, I offer 11£ for a hr or 500£ per week (NET) for live in position ( 12£ fro live out ) ,9 hrs in a day , 5 days in a week . At weekend you can travel to London and return on Sunday evening by 1 bus .
Responsibilities ; collection and drop of to school, cooking, shopping, cleaning, bedtime prep for Ariana
I have 3 kids : 14 ( boy ),12( Girl ) , 6 ( girl ) .

Let me know if you are interested


Upon Request
Live in

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