Make Life Easier Hacks

10 “Make Life Easier Hacks” by Pocketnannies!

Hello from pocketnannies! We decided to share some of our favourite ‘Make Life Easier Hacks’. We can’t claim to have come up with them all ourselves, but they are tricks of the trade that we’ve either learnt along the way, or that we’ve come across online in places like Pinterest.Make Life Easier Hacks   We’ll

gender neutrality

Should you educate your children about gender neutrality?

The world is becoming more sensitive to gender and for good reason. In order to promote equality, the world is becoming more open to gender diversity by breaking stereotypes at an early age.   Sweden has been at the forefront of promoting gender neutrality amongst children with some kindergartens making efforts to not divide toys


Parenting & babysitting: discipline without punishment!

Whether you’re a parent or a babysitter, sometimes you need some tips and tricks when it comes to discipline. What are the most effective discipline strategies? Which are the best rules of discipline in our post-spanking era?   Teach, don’t punish. Our focus has to be educational, not retributive. How do we go back from

third child in the family

Third child in the family: how to prepare!

Going from zero to one is a perfect life-changer. Plus, everyone around you is rapt. Going from one to two feels great. Plus, everyone around you congratulates you endlessly. But how does life change when you go from two children to three?   Preparing your children   The good news: Bringing home a new baby

single parenting

Single parenting: No partner? No problem!

Raising a child as a single parent can be really stressful and tricky; just like a tightrope walk… Try those valuable tips on how to survive as a newly single parent.   Set ground rules. You won’t have anyone else to back you up, so establishing some ground rules is essential. Your kids should understand

bedtime routine

Bedtime routine for toddlers: tips for the after-the-crib stage!

When our little ones are babies, we stick to the usual safe sleeping practices we all know. But what happens after the infancy stage? Well, there are toddlers who are masters of negotiation (“ten more minutes, please?”), drive their parents nuts at night and are up at the crack of dawn. And there are kids

daily routine

6 Reasons why daily routine is so important to childcare.

Maybe your parents didn’t raise you that way. Maybe yoυ -as an adult and a professional- are allergic to tight schedules, deadlines and strict programs to stick to. You may as well believe that a routine doesn’t leave enough space for creativity to breathe.That’s not the case with scientific researches and childcare psychology guidelines that